All Your  Writing Needs – Met by TSAC :

Blog Posts

Web Content  (Home Page, About Page, Services, Rates, FAQs, etc.)



Press Releases


Copy Editing 

Looking for Rates? Go here.

Social Marketing

30 Day Social Media Only Marketing Plan:

You will receive :
– 30 day calendar of a “what to do when” plan inclusive of check list and an easy and convenient method to record your actions
– every task will take 30-60 minutes for you to action
– completely customised for your market and business growth
– BONUS: a review of your current web presence with feedback and suggestions for improvement


Payment Terms

TSAC has standardized payments for the ease of our clients.  If this is our first-time working

together, we would like to establish goodwill by requesting 100% upfront payment for the first

project.   Afterwards, TSAC will accept 50% upfront (on the 1st of the month) and 50%

payment (on the 25th day of the month) on a monthly basis.

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