SEEN: Sante the Salon in Lahore

Sante the Salon

Fresh, glamorous  and infused soulful purple hues – Sante the Salon is a welcome addition to Lahore’s Beauty circuit.  With the interior done up  by Casa Hamza, the low-hanging chandeliers sway as the staff attends to the new generation of Sante devotees.  Mani-Pedi lovers can be found looking through the Essie nail color collection near the large picture window.

  A dedicated Hair Consultation Bar has been set up as well. On the day of the launch, the photo booth draws gleeful Sante-nistas who happily pose for a quick click. A few minutes later, they receive the printouts in a slick black envelope.



Visible from pillars, quotes from beauty icons such as Audrey Hepburn highlight the mission of the beauty oasis – to spread the gospel of quality and accessible beauty services.

P.S.   We love the super-hot mug from Sante in the goodie bag !

Sante the Salon

Sante the Salon


Team TSA 




SEEN: Bolo Bhi’s ” Pakistan’s Internet BANwagon” Documentary

has just come back from attending a screening of Bolo Bhi’s documentary on the state of internet censorship in Pakistan at The Knowledge Factory in Lahore.

The documentary provides the other half of the discussion regarding the controversial ‘YouTube Ban’- with insights


from current legislators, lawers, IT experts and young entreprenuers.

The documentary itself was an easy watch, with bilingual translations as required, and we would recommend it as intro to the issue.   Lots of interesting comments were shared afterwards in the Q&A – including suggestions for some tweaks to the doc for version 2.