MINK- Print Your Own Makeup


Calling all make-up enthusiasts! 3-D printing has now made it’s entry into the beauty industry with ‘Mink 3-D’.  Grace Choi is the innovative inventor behind the creation of the first-ever 3-D Makeup Printer. The Harvard grad was at business school when she realized what the makeup industry is capitalizing on is essentially color– something that technology can provide for free!  Choi plans to sell the Mink printer for $300 soon.  I know many will be looking forward to saving some bucks on lipstick in the near future.



Test Drive: Canva (Beta)

Untitled design

Hello! The Team at TSA Headquarters is super excited these days! We think our days of using Gimp or Inkscape for emergency design work may be over, courtesy:  Canva.

Canva is the one-stop clean design app-slash-website tool that comes fitted with the swankiest, retro-ish templates for everything from Facebook Cover Photos, Pinterest, to Business cards.  If that isn’t enough for you, did you know Guy Kawasaki is their evangelist? Yeah. Enough Said.

Here are few  samples we cooked up in the Canva lab:

Canva Sampler by TSA

Canva Sampler by TSA




Have you tried Canva yet?  Give it a whirl, and don’t forget to tell us what you think, afterwards.

SEEN: Bolo Bhi’s ” Pakistan’s Internet BANwagon” Documentary

has just come back from attending a screening of Bolo Bhi’s documentary on the state of internet censorship in Pakistan at The Knowledge Factory in Lahore.

The documentary provides the other half of the discussion regarding the controversial ‘YouTube Ban’- with insights


from current legislators, lawers, IT experts and young entreprenuers.

The documentary itself was an easy watch, with bilingual translations as required, and we would recommend it as intro to the issue.   Lots of interesting comments were shared afterwards in the Q&A – including suggestions for some tweaks to the doc for version 2.