SEEN: Sante the Salon in Lahore

Sante the Salon

Fresh, glamorous  and infused soulful purple hues – Sante the Salon is a welcome addition to Lahore’s Beauty circuit.  With the interior done up  by Casa Hamza, the low-hanging chandeliers sway as the staff attends to the new generation of Sante devotees.  Mani-Pedi lovers can be found looking through the Essie nail color collection near the large picture window.

  A dedicated Hair Consultation Bar has been set up as well. On the day of the launch, the photo booth draws gleeful Sante-nistas who happily pose for a quick click. A few minutes later, they receive the printouts in a slick black envelope.



Visible from pillars, quotes from beauty icons such as Audrey Hepburn highlight the mission of the beauty oasis – to spread the gospel of quality and accessible beauty services.

P.S.   We love the super-hot mug from Sante in the goodie bag !

Sante the Salon

Sante the Salon


Team TSA 




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